Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Wishlist

I took the liberty of putting together a small wishlist for this Christmas to help you guys figure out if you're on the right track in selecting holiday gifts for me. Judging by the presents I received last year, you don't need my help- you've got excellent taste!- but in case you're undecided or stuck, here's what I'd really love.

The big thing I want this year, and the most important is a new bicycle.  You helped me get a beautiful folder back in 2008, but it was stolen...and I was devastated, and just rode my old craigslist bike for the past few years...until I saw THIS.

Pappillionaire makes the most amazing looking, lightweight vintage-style bicycle....I would ride it every day, and my face would probably crack from smiling so hard. It's the one thing I want the most, and something I would never buy for myself, as it's a luxury...and those are the best gifts of all.

What I'd like to do is have this as my communal gift. You can send in any amount on a custom giftRocket gift card (which is wayyyyy better than paypal), and hopefully I can afford it for spring! Any amount, small or large, would be so incredibly appreciated. I usually spend all my extra cash on cameras or latex or toys, so it would be nice to get something that's just for me and leisure. Think about it: if just 30 of you sent in $20, I could have my bike!

Here's the link below. Gift rocket is pretty straightforward and way more discrete than paypal.

I also put together a small Amazon wish list and threw a few things on here as well if you'd prefer to get something on your own instead of contributing to the bigggg Nyx gift. (But I really want the big gift!) 

Here it is: 

Mike Murphy 8 plait 4 foot Signal Whip

Equinox Gym E Gift Card

James Perse E-Gift

All in all, gifts are not required; I'm happy just to be so fulfilled and so well-taken care of. But they certainly are appreciated, and they most definitely put a smile on my face....and I always love being thought of, no matter how large or small the gesture. 

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