Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Wishlist

I took the liberty of putting together a small wishlist for this Christmas to help you guys figure out if you're on the right track in selecting holiday gifts for me. Judging by the presents I received last year, you don't need my help- you've got excellent taste!- but in case you're undecided or stuck, here's what I'd really love.

The big thing I want this year, and the most important is a new bicycle.  You helped me get a beautiful folder back in 2008, but it was stolen...and I was devastated, and just rode my old craigslist bike for the past few years...until I saw THIS.

Pappillionaire makes the most amazing looking, lightweight vintage-style bicycle....I would ride it every day, and my face would probably crack from smiling so hard. It's the one thing I want the most, and something I would never buy for myself, as it's a luxury...and those are the best gifts of all.

What I'd like to do is have this as my communal gift. You can send in any amount on a custom giftRocket gift card (which is wayyyyy better than paypal), and hopefully I can afford it for spring! Any amount, small or large, would be so incredibly appreciated. I usually spend all my extra cash on cameras or latex or toys, so it would be nice to get something that's just for me and leisure. Think about it: if just 30 of you sent in $20, I could have my bike!

Here's the link below. Gift rocket is pretty straightforward and way more discrete than paypal.

I also put together a small Amazon wish list and threw a few things on here as well if you'd prefer to get something on your own instead of contributing to the bigggg Nyx gift. (But I really want the big gift!) 

Here it is: 

Mike Murphy 8 plait 4 foot Signal Whip

Equinox Gym E Gift Card

James Perse E-Gift

All in all, gifts are not required; I'm happy just to be so fulfilled and so well-taken care of. But they certainly are appreciated, and they most definitely put a smile on my face....and I always love being thought of, no matter how large or small the gesture. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

New photo...more to come soon!

I love this pic, and couldn't wait to share. Amazing what you can do with a fast camera. :) 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Post-Hurricane Information

As of tonight, I still have no information as to whether the studio has been impacted by the hurricane, but due to its location I assume at the very least the power is still out there. I cannot get into the city from where I am, so there is no way to accommodate outcalls either, unfortunately.  All sessions will have to be postponed until further notice- though I assume the transportation situation will be somewhat remedied after this coming weekend, and I should be able to get back in by Monday/Tuesday.

My hometown was very severely impacted by the hurricane, so I've been without power as well for several days and pretty much incommunicado. As of tonight, I will be in upstate NY through Monday staying at a local hotel, and will be happy to accommodate play partners near Cooperstown, NY. My phone is now working and so is my e-mail, so please feel free to contact me if you live nearby and would like to session- I have almost all of my gear, and can accommodate almost any request!

Special thanks to a few people who reached out to me during the past few days with offers of shelter and well wishes, particularly Troy, vincent, s, p, slave B, felix, db, and many many was very comforting, and seriously warmed my heart. I'm sure there were more of you who tried to reach me, but I've had lots and lots of lost messages, and they're coming in sporadically as I re-gain service. I hope you're all safe and didn't suffer too much damage. Can't wait for things to return to normal.


Friday, October 26, 2012

New photos!

Here's a batch of stills I wanted to share. They're all from my most recent clips at seventh, so you may have already seen them, but if not, enjoy!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Free Clip: Worship My Steel Heels

Thanks to the slave's large head, the gorgeous view of my steel heeled Lanvin boots was blocked during the first half of this clip, making it unsuitable for sale. It's a shame to let good things go to waste, so here it is for free.

Enjoy. ( Click to play).

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From Worship

Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Photos: Preview

If you know the etymology of my name, Nyx, you'll understand why I feel this portrait is so incredibly perfect for me.

The Goddess Nyx is always depicted as swathed in dark blue and black, with cascading dark hair, eyes glowing fiercely. It was unintentional, but when I saw this photo, I thought it was so apropos.


Friday, August 31, 2012

Birthday Wishes

So far, this has been an amazing birthday week...I got to play with some of my favorite people, received some lovely presents, and spent time in my beloved NYC. :)

Thank you so much to all of you who took the time to send me well wishes. It's, of course, a pleasure to turn 26 surrounded by the most amazing group of people.

And if you DIDN'T REMEMBER (tsk tsk), Nyxmas is officially on September 2nd, and there's still time to pay homage. With a veritable ton of toys and fetish gear, all I really want this year is more clothing from my favorite place, and contributions to the gym membership fund so I can look amazing in said clothes. I've linked below: use giftrocket, make DN smile.

James Perse E-Gift

Equinox E-Gift